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How to Get Likes for Your Business’ Facebook Page

Posted on  by Rob Vinciguerra

fb0When we talk to clients and tell them that part of our strategy is to increase their number of likes, the first thing most clients ask is if we are going to just bomb them with 1,500 likes from random people and fake accounts. The answer is not only no, but “Hell no.”

There are services where one can pay $25 for a lot of likes on Facebook, or followers on Twitter. Is that effective in a business’ social media strategy? Absolutely not. These aren’t true fans and they provide no benefit. Here are the right ways to do it.

Make Content for Facebook

Way too often people use programs to cross post the same message across all of their social media platforms. It ends up looking like, “Hey, check out our #newproduct!” Does Facebook support hashtags? Nope. So don’t post them.

Along the same lines, creating a link to a pic to post on Twitter is acceptable (although less now since Twitter allows image uploads), but linking to an image on Facebook is not okay. Take the time to upload the image.

Engage Existing Fans

Facebook are good guys because they put Facebook Insights right on the top of every page. This tells you two important things. How many people are “Talking About This” and “Reach.”


Where does the “talking about this” figure come from?

Likes of the page, likes of content, posts, comments, question answers, RSVPs to events, @ mentions of your page, shares, photos that you’re tagged in, check-ins at your business, and recommendations.

A good average figure for this metric is over ten percent of the total likes for the page. If a page has 1000 likes, then at least 100 people should be talking about it. In reality, though, 20 to 25 percent of “talking about this” is a good goal.

How to increase “talking about this”?

Post. Quality. Content.

What gets likes and shares on Facebook is quality content. Quality content is never a text post, or a shared link. Quality content is always either an image or a video. It doesn’t even have to be complex. It just needs to be eye catching. Text and links can accompany the image or video, but it’s the image or video that will drive the shares. You may have noticed that many viral images on Facebook are just text on a colored background. Now you know why.

How to increase “reached’?

The number reached is how many people are getting exposure to you content through their friends talking about it, especially sharing. Quality content gets shared, and then it gets reshared.

A good average number for this metric is 125 to 150 percent of total likes. However, 200 percent or more should be the goal.

Getting New Likes

Getting new likes is all about reaching people who are interested in your brand, product, or service. One way do that is to have quality content that people share. If someone sees it and likes it, they’ll check out the page it originated from and perhaps like the page as well so they keep getting updates from that page.

Another way is to use Facebook as your page and to like popular pages that are provide similar products and services and to join in conversations. If you add quality to the conversation people may like visit your page and like it. By the way, this also increases that “reached” metric.

Another way is, under your personal profile, to join Facebook groups that are related to the product or service that you offer, and share your quality content when relevant.

Just one thing to keep in mind. Do. Not. Spam. Spamming, in the long run, can have the effect of hurting a brand.

Website Integration

Have your Facebook icon large, visible, and at the top of your front page. Don’t use a “like counter.” Have a link that takes users directly to your Facebook page where the content can stare them right in the face and compel them to like the page.


For content and product pages, however, use a different strategy. I cringe when I see people have a “like counter” on these pages. Great, so someone liked your blog post? Okay, what now? Instead, have a sharing widget. If someone shares your content, it will be posted on their wall and then their friends and see it, like it, and share it too. After all, the whole point of being on Facebook is to get exposure.

Do It Right

Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It.” When it comes to Facebook marketing the slogan is “Just Do It Right.”

Too many people show up and “just do it.” They just post text updates. They just cross post their tweets, hashtags and all, they just post links to images, and they just post links.

That last paragraph actually describes the administrators of most Facebook pages. Now that you know how to do it right, you’re 90 percent ahead of the rest.

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