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New Google+ Features Good For Business Pages

Posted on  by Rob Vinciguerra

google-plus-logoGoogle+ has just rolled out new features. While some of them only target personal profiles, there are new benefits for business!

First, Google+ has changed the parameters for the cover photo. The max size is now 2120 pixels by 1192. That’s your basic desktop background.

How is this beneficial? First, it allows for a better product shot. Something big, artsy, and high res. Second, it allows for details, such as products and services, to be added into that massive image.


The profile photo now appears as a round image contained within the cover photo, to the bottom left. This is for a company logo. It looks absolutely great.

Another great enhancement is Google+ allows page managers to quickly flip between their view of the page, and the public view of the page.



How is this beneficial? It allows business owners to flip over and take a look at how the public views their page with the greatest of ease. It’s critical to make sure that key content is being displayed publicly.

if you haven’t used Google+ in a while, it’s time to, at the minimum, login and update your cover image.

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