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So, you heard a new social media platform is cool and you want in, huh?

Posted on  by Rob Vinciguerra

newAs a society when there’s something new we always want it, or at least just a taste. That why, for example, Google+ exploded in membership when it launched. It was the newest coolest thing that everyone had.

However, when it finally began to allow businesses to join, many companies were left wondering what to do with it.

Not understanding the new platform, most businesses, even today, use their Google+ presence to mirror their Facebook and/or Twitter.

That’s what we in the industry call, a total waste of time. As a ninja, I’m not going to buy a new shuriken just because it’s a different color. It needs to do something that my current throwing stars don’t do.

When evaluating a new social media platform for your business, it’s important to focus on what’s unique about it that can be exploited to best promote products and services.

Continuing with Google+ as our example, there is plenty that’s unique about it that neither Facebook nor Twitter do, such as Google+ Hangouts, which uniquely lets businesses reach consumers face to face, and animated gifs, which, when done well, have a tendency for vitality across multiple platforms.

Not everyone knows how to take advantage of niche social media markets and exploit them. That’s why social media consultants exist.

That’s been free advice from your Advice Ninjas.

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