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Press Releases in the 21st Century… Don’t Even Think About It

Posted on  by Rob Vinciguerra

Last century, you know, back in the twentieth one, when a business would release a product or service they issued a press release. These were either done directly through a news aggregation services or through an agency. Either way, there was a fee. Two fees if you used a public relations firm.

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These days there are online companies that specialize in press releases, sometimes free, most often for a fee, and they publish your story for you.

This model is okay when you have a brand new internet presence, i.e. and early stage start up. Your domain is sparkly-new and your social media fans are made up of real-life friends and close family. You want that legitimacy. You want to get your name out there.

Guess what? The online PR firm will get your name out there. They have great SEO and have been doing this for years. If someone searches for you or your product, they’ll find your press release. With luck, from there they’ll find you.

After long, your domain will be indexed in Google and Bing. Your customers will form communities around your social media presence. Unless you’re issuing press to traditional print and television media, you’ll never need to issue a press release ever again.

Stuck in the Habit

A lot of new online companies get stuck in the old ways. Either they become addicted to issuing an online press release for every announcement, every new offer, new product, and new deal. Or they actually went out and hired an colossally expensive old media PR form who can’t help themselves but to bill their client insane fees for send out one press release after another.

When people search for you now, guess who they’ll find? They the website of the company that issued your press release. They’ll find the websites of the companies that redistributed that release. They’ll also find the sites of the companies who issued your second release and all of the ones that recycled that.

Before long your poor consumer can’t find you. They just give up. What happened? The PR websites stole your SEO.

Doing It Right

At some point in recent history, the word “blog” was added to the dictionary. Every company needs a blog. Don’t have time for one? Hire a social media consulting firm to handle it for you.

A company’s blog is their voice on the internet. Every announcement, new product, deal, discount, and new service should be handled through the blog. The blog is on the company’s domain, the company has full control over the content. What’s more is that the blog directs the consumers to the correct brand and creates SEO for the right person, not a third party that charges extra just to put a hyperlink to your own website.

Are press releases totally useless? No. They’re good for that initial launch, and if a company changes their domain. Basically, they’re good for getting out information faster than you can get it out yourself. Even then they’re fickle.

The general rule when it comes to press releases is one and done. Make your announcements through your own blog. Make your content good, promotable, and SEO friendly. If you do, you’ll reap the rewards.

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