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Ninja Action Plan

Hiring Advice Ninja’s isn’t a one time transaction. We’ll meet with you to understand your goals, and then develop for you a specific action plan to meet them. We’ll work together to determine which actions to implement. Our clients are part of our process from day one, and we’ll be right beside you the whole time. And you won’t even hear us. because we are stealthy.

The action plan will contain:

  • Which social media platforms to use
  • Specific campaigns to meet your goals
  • Website assessment – how effective is your website?
  • Traditional media platform strategy
  • Identifying power fans – key figures to network with
  • Real world integration
  • Timelines for exposure

Website Design

Advice Ninjas employs web development specialists to help our clients make their websites modern, attractive, and user friendly.

Graphic Design and Video Editing

Our graphic designers and video editors are here to create catchy logos and info graphics for your business, products, and services. Images go viral and spread better than any other form of media.

Technical Documentation

Advice Ninjas staff has over eight years of experience in the areas of technical documentation writing and instructional design. Whether your project calls for detailed end-user documentation or training videos, we use the proven ADDIE model to create the most professional documentation in the world.

Ongoing Support

Not only will we create and implement your campaign for you, we will manage your social media networks and teach you the skills to do so on your own. Post-campaign coaching is also available.


Advice Ninja services are billed hourly and require a retainer. The minimum retainer fee is $200.00, but varies depending on services that you choose. Your detailed Action Plan will contain recommendations from our team, but our clients pick which recommendations to implement.

  • Social Media Marketing (includes technical support, video development, and traditional advertising): $20/hr
  • Graphic design: $40/hr
  • Technical documentation: $50/hr
  • Web Development: $60/hr
  • Post Implantation Coaching: $50/month

Rates vary depending on current promotions, so be sure to ask!