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So, you want to get the most out of Twitter for your business, huh?

Posted on  by Rob Vinciguerra

twitterAlmost all businesses use Twitter to one extent or another. Almost no businesses use it correctly.

There are lots of dos and don’ts. Unfortunately, most people are heavy on the don’ts and not so much on the dos.

All too common scenarios:

  • A company makes a Twitter account and only tweets their own announcements and content.
  • A new business follows back everyone who follows them.
  • A combination of both of the above.

As you may have guessed, these are not good strategies. Twitter offers something that’s unique over most large social networks, the ability to directly connect and communicate with people.

So, who should you follow?

You should always follow your customers. This enables you to keep in constant contact with them. Check your Twitter feed regularly. If a customer tweets out something that you can reply to, whether it’s on a personal or business level, tweet them back. It keeps them personally engaged.

Seek out and follow the influencers in your industry. Not just the biggest stars either, but the little guys who are power users who have influence and a following. These are the people who you can make an @ post to and have a likelihood of them retweeting you, and therefore gaining exposure.

Follow feeds for major products and services in your industry. By this we don’t mean competitors, but things that compliment your business. For example, do you own a restaurant that sells Jack Daniels? Then follow jack Daniels. These entities will never retweet you, but you can retweet them. This provides valuable content for your own followers.

Should you tweet your own content? Yes, of course, but that’s only one part of developing a complex Twitter feed that’s attractive to potential followers. Be sure to properly #tag original content too, and make sure it’s relevant… pay attention to top trends.

Should you follow back new followers? Not every single one. It will make your own feed unwieldy, it looks unprofessional, and not all of them are valuable or even real for that matter. Follow back anyone who you deem valuable, such as potential influencers.

Maintaining a good Twitter feed that will get good return on investment is time consuming, but valuable when done correctly.

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